Les Trilles extra virgin olive oil is characterized by its exceptional quality, its luminous green colour and its very low acidity (0.1). It is obtained through a process of initial cold extraction, using an aromatic olive variety named Arbequinas. The aroma of this oil is mellow and fruity and is characterized by a pleasant acrid flavour sensation on the tongue and a light peppery aftertaste.

This oil is produced in a cooperative, founded in 1921, in a village of 750 inhabitants. It is mechanically pressed in the Lleida region, near Barcelona and undergoes rigorous quality control from the production of the fruit, to the bottling stage.

The 60 producers who are members of the cooperative proudly adhere to integrated agricultural practices, giving priority to the environment and to human health.

Les Trilles olive oil is used by some of Quebec’s most celebrated chefs, who are recognized for their high standards of quality in product sourcing.

Martin Picard

“An olive oil of excellent value, ideal for everything form cooking to the final touch!”

Normand Laprise

“The olive oil is produced by a cooperative of artisans. It contains no pesticides and can be traced back to the source. I love the taste and the story behind it.”

Charles-Antoine Crête & Cheryl Johnson

“Les trilles olive oil reminds me of my mother : reliable, consistent and comforting.”



At the heart of Mediterranean cuisine and recognized for its health benefits


An exclusive product with excellent value


Breathing life into the economy of a Catalan village, while respecting its people and the environment


Appreciated as a staple in any household, it also makes a unique gift